My issue isn't solved by the FAQ. What do I do?
Click the "Inquiry" button in Settings and write us a support ticket! We will help you resolve the issue as soon as we can!
Do I need an internet connection to play Lutie RPG Clicker?
Yes. This can be done through a 3G/4G/LTE network, or through WiFi.
How many languages does Lutie RPG Clicker support?
Lutie RPG Clicker supports up to 4 languages.
  • English
  • Bahasa (Indonesia)
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese

Simply change the language through "Settings", and the game's language should update to reflect the change.

New languages will be introduced in the future!

My purchase didn't go through. What do I do?
If after an hour your purchase still doesn't appear in the game, send us a support ticket with a screenshot of the charge from Apple/Google.

The more information you can provide us with what you did leading up to the purchase, the better we can solve the problem and give you what you purchased!

Oh no, I've lost all of my progress! What can I do?
Do not worry!

Send us a support ticket with all the information you can remember about your account, as well as your Game left/Google Play name/ID.

Let us know what actions you performed leading up to you losing the progress, so we can better assist you in getting your account back!

I've encountered a bug and/or technical issue? What should I do?
Please contact customer service directly for any technical issues. This can be done through in-game "Inquiry" or [INSERTZENDESKLINK]

How to play the game?
Monster will appear in the middle of the screen. Tap on the monster to deal damage.
How many rounds are there at each stage?
There are 10 rounds per stage , 5th round and 10th round are boss monsters (guardian) and the rest rounds are regular monsters.
How do I increase Lutie's Tap Damage?
There are 3 ways to improve Lutie's Tap Damage!
  • Level up Lutie's Level
  • Upgrade Guardian's Skills to improve Tap Damage
  • Obtain Holy Relic
How do I unlock new skills?
Every 100 Lutie levels, you’ll unlock a new Skill. These are particularly useful (and often necessary) to beat the Bosses at the end of Stages, especially the Guardian bosses every 5 stages.
What does Valhalla Potion level refers to?
The “level” of the Valhalla potion shows how many times you have prestige. It also changes the border around Lutie’s picture.
  • Level 0: Basic
  • Level 100: Silver
  • Level 200: Gold
  • Level 300: Red/Platinum
How to use Valhalla Potion?
Lutie can be resurrect once she reaches level 200.

When you resurrect, Lutie's level and skills will be rest. However, your progression will be fast each time with the help of Guardians!

Resurrect EXP and Morning Stars will be given according to the stage level.

Note: You need to reach Stage 41 in order to receive Morning Stars from Resurrections.

How many missions in Lutie RPG Clicker?
There are 4 different types of missions.
  • Honor Mission
  • Daily Mission
  • Limit Mission
  • Special Mission
What is Shooting Star?
Once in a while, a Shooting Star will float about at the top of the screen.

Tap on the shooting start to watching a video advertisement. It will give you a small but steady amount of Awakening Gauge and Rubies to power up Lutie and her Guardians.

  • Reward: 0.2% Awakening Gauge charge and 5 rubies
  • Limit: 20 gold stars a day, based on server time
When will Nazar appear in game?
When you dawdle on a Stage without challenging the boss occasionally Reaper Nazar, a pale woman in a blue dress with a scythe will appear.

Nazar appears whenever your DPS exceeds 50% of the stage enemy’s HP and is an encouragement to keep advancing through stages.

The "eye" icon with horns in the top left will light up in blue when the conditions to cause her are met.

What is the role of Guardian in Lutie RPG Clicker?
Guardians are your passive DPS source in Lutie RPG Clicker, and they’re very important at every stage of the game. In the beginning, Guardians will provide a fun short-term goal in collecting them. After which, they will be instrumental in powering through early-game enemies after prestige in game.

Guardians come with Skills that passively boost either Lutie’s tap damage or other Guardians. There are currently eight races of Guardians: Angel, Devil, Android, Half Human, Elemental, Dragon, Human, and Fairy.

How do I hire Guardian?
Guardian boss appears at the end of every 5 stages. Defeat guardian boss to hire them as Guardian!
Where to find Awakening Gauge?
In the Game Controller icon on the left, you’ll find the Awakening Gauge.
How do I increase Guardians Level?
Tap on Resurrection Level in skill panel and feed Guardians with Yggdrasil Fruits.

How to unlock Servants?
Servants are unlocked by beating Stage Bosses, which gets increasingly hard without a reset.
How to recruit Servants?
Servants are awarded at random in the “Achievements” (scroll) menu, but once you get 30 you will be guaranteed to own all of them.
Where can we use Servant in game?
Servants will assist you through:
  • Exploration
  • Servant Raid

How many types of Raids are there?
There are 2 types of Raids in game.
  • Seasonal Raid
  • Servant Raid
What is the duration of Seaonal Raid?
Seasonal Raid will last for 3 Weeks
  • Regular Season
    • 2 Weeks (Raid score WILL be reflected in Ranking)
  • Free Season
    • 1 Week (Raid score WILL NOT be reflected in Ranking)
How many types of Rank in Raid?
There are 2 types of Seasonal Raids Ranking in game.
  • Normal Raid (For all players playing Lutie RPG Clicker)
  • Rookie Raid (For the first-time raid participants)

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