Guardians are your passive DPS source in Lutie RPG Clicker, and they’re very important at every stage of the game. In the early stage, Guardians provide a short-term goal in collecting them all. After which, they will be instrumental in powering through early-game enemies after prestige in game.

Guardians come with Skills that passively boost either Lutie’s tap damage or other Guardians. There are currently eight races of Guardians: Angel, Devil, Robot, Half-Human, Elemental, Dragon, Human, and Fairy.

Race Guardians
IconGuardian 17000
IconGuardian 19000
IconGuardian 18000
IconGuardian 16000
IconGuardian 20000
Elaim Gaia Palakel Selion Sylphid
IconGuardian 04000
IconGuardian 02000
IconGuardian 01000
IconGuardian 03000
Brynhild Lusid Sigrun Lucifer
IconGuardian 07000
IconGuardian 08000
IconGuardian 05000
IconGuardian 06000
Imel Liliel Olivier Laurence
IconGuardian 25000
IconGuardian 24000
IconGuardian 27000
IconGuardian 26000
Ariel Gerard Rael Sonya
Half Human
IconGuardian 12000
IconGuardian 13000
IconGuardian 15000
IconGuardian 14000
Aru Dorothy Ethan Stella
IconGuardian 28000
IconGuardian 29000
IconGuardian 30000
Cecily Philia Rayner
IconGuardian 11000
IconGuardian 10000
IconGuardian 09000
Emily Roid Ryan
IconGuardian 23030
IconGuardian 22000
IconGuardian 21000
Anthea Ilenoar Orfeo

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