Raid Season 2: Roro Kidul Elaim[edit | edit source]


Our Season 2 Raid Boss is Elaim - A Water Elemental Guardian of Midgard. However, Elaim disappeared together with the Morning Star.

Elaim is wearing Roro Kidul costume - Roro Kidul is the Javanese Queen of the Southern Seas, known for her affinity to nature and her powerful Water Elemental Abilities. She can found in the Deep Blue Abyss.

Now it's up to you to defeat Roro Kidul Elaim before the Season ends!

  • Raid Season 2 : Roro Kidul Elaim
  • Start Date/Time : 4 May 2018 (0300 UTC+8)
  • End Date/Time: 24 May 2018 (2300 UTC+8)

  • Ranking Season 2
  • Start Date/Time : 4 May 2018 (0300 UTC+8)
  • End Date/Time: 17 May 2018 (2259 UTC+8)

Compete against Players World Wide[edit | edit source]

Strap on your Tapping Gloves, deal as much damage as you can against Hanbok Ilenoar! Compete against players worldwide and prove that your tapping mettle!


Earn Emeralds & Redeem Prizes[edit | edit source]

  • Participate in Raid every day to earn Emerald Crystals
  • Redeem Emerald Crystals in the Raid Store for Raid Outfits & ManaStone Chests!
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