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Lutie Story[edit | edit source]

Episode Title Unlock Criteria Rewards
00 Prologue - 50 Ruby
01 The Return Clear Stage 100 50 Ruby
02 Rift Clear Stage 200 50 Ruby
03 The Morning Star Clear Stage 300 50 Ruby
04 Child of Light Clear Stage 400 50 Ruby
05 The Plan Clear Stage 500 50 Ruby
06 A Proposition Clear Stage 600 50 Ruby
07 The Decision Clear Stage 700 50 Ruby
08 Departure Clear Stage 800 50 Ruby
09 The Crack Clear Stage 900 50 Ruby
10 The Meeting Clear Stage 1,000 50 Ruby
11 Princess of the Netherworld Clear Stage 1,100 50 Ruby
12 Dedication Clear Stage 1,200 50 Ruby
13 Warning Clear Stage 1,300 50 Ruby

StoryImage 00000.png

"Since Ancient times, High Gods have ruled over the worlds of Asgard, Midgard and Niflheim. The endless squabbling between High Gods led the earthly beings, the Midgardians, to divide into two factions - those who served the Light, and those who served the Dark. This was an Age of War.

This period of chaos finally came to an end with the onset of Ragnarok - the Twilight of the Gods. Details are unclear, but after Ragnarok, all of the High Gods disappeared. None remain.

After the High Gods departed, those who served the Light - Aesirs, moved to Asgard; while those who served the Dark - Nifols, settled in Niflheim. Midgard became a melting pot of cultures, where normal people lived. The Aesirs and Nifols agreed to stop the meaningless war, and the worlds prospered.

\n\nIn the Year 517, in the Hall of Valhalla on Asgard, a child with a single Red Eye was born. Her name was Lusid, and the Aesirs saw it as a bad omen. They argued that she should be sacrificed to the High Gods, to keep the peace. Fearing for her safety, Lusid's parents left Asgard, clutching their baby girls, and narrowly escaping the pursuing Valkyries.

In the Year 522, a child bearing the energy of the Morning Star was born."

The Return
StoryImage 00100.png

『After Ragnarok, the Aesirs and Nifols agreed to a truce, resulting in peace and prosperity flourishing among the worlds. The Aesirs controlled Light over Midgard; while the Nifols managed the Dark. The Aesirs used the power of the Morning Star to bring Light, crafting a balance between Light and Dark, Day and Night. Midgard prospered, with all races thriving under the harmony of Heaven and Hell.

However, peace did not last long. In the Year 538, the Morning Star, the Light of the Heavens, was stolen. Thus an eternal darkness befell all of Midgard. Archangel Michael, suspected only the President of Hell, Liehart, could have been to blame. War was declared.

The Valkyries took to the offensive, screaming down from the Heavens and defeating all Nifols in sight. It was thought that victory would have been swift, but the Valkyries met their match against the Fire Elementals of Muspelheim. Stalemated, the war raged on, with destruction spreading across Midgard. The worlds were once again in a state of chaos.』

When the Valkyries finally returned, excitement spread across all of Valhalla. The Aesirs gathered at the gates of Heaven to cheer their arrival, and among the many was Lutie.


Lutie's eyes grew wide as she watched the procession of Valkyries. The Valkyries came to a halt in front of the Goddess Senagel. Brynhild, leader of the Valkyries, took to her knee as a deep sign of respect.

“Valkyrie Brynhild, reporting as ordered.”

“Brynhild, we have long witnessed your valor from the Heavens.”

The Goddess Senagel smiled and lightly touched Brynhild's shoulder.

“Goddess Senagel, the Army of Fire interrupted our Siege of Niflheim.”

“I know. It is not your fault.”

“No... We lost Skuld in battle.”

“Brynhild... Skuld will find eternal rest amongst the arms of the High Gods.”

Senagel motioned for Brynhild to stand and addressed the crowd.

“People of Heaven! Let us celebrate the return of our Valkyries and for the Glory they have won!”

StoryImage 00200.png

『During the period of peace after Ragnarok, many cultures and races prospered. The wealthiest and most powerful kingdoms were Safras, the 1st Kingdom of Men; and Plitvice, the Kingdom of Fairies. But when the Morning Star vanished, and as eternal darkness covered the land, both kingdoms faltered. Safras became surrounded by monsters; while in Plitvice, the World Tree Yggdrasil slowly had its life drained away.』

Meanwhile, the Archangels had gathered in the Hall of Valhalla.

“Just when we were on the verge of victory, the Army of Fire from Muspelheim intervened... Lucifer, how did this happen?!”

Michael slammed his fist into the round table, glaring at Lucifer.

“You doubt my loyalty?”

“Don't you find it suspicious that only your troops escaped unharmed?”

“By the same token Michael, isn't it possible that it is your own incompetence that led to the casualties that you suffered?”

Michael drew his sword upon hearing Lucifer's words.

“Lucifer, you have long had a grudge against me...”

“Then I suppose this is for the best! I never liked you either, Michael!”

Just as the two titans of the Heavens could collide, Goddess Senagel entered the hall and intervened.

“Please calm down and sheathe your swords.”

Out of reverence for the Goddess, both Michael and Lucifer stood down. Senagel‘s voice broke the uneasy silence.

“We have already suffered much due to the war. It is during times like these, that we can ill afford to have our Archangels fighting amongst themselves.”

“Goddess Senagel! With all due respect, we would have won the battle if crucial information had'nt been leaked!”

Michael argued passionately.

“There is no ‘if’ in war. The Morning Star is gone, and Midgard is engulfed with endless darkness. Our Archangels should work together to restore peace to the land.”

Lucifer glared at Michael and turned away.

The Morning Star
StoryImage 00300.png

『It is unknown when the Morning Star first appeared, but Odin wielded both it and the Spear Gungnir, to defend Asgard from the countless Nifol invasions. The Morning Star heralds the end of Dark, and the coming of Light in Midgard, and has long been regarded as a symbol of the Heavens. Its loss has skewed the balance between Heaven and Hell. With its disappearance, the Age of War has now resumed.』

Archangel Gabriel followed Senagel out of the Halls of Valhalla.

“Goddess Senagel, Valkyrie Sigrun has gone missing while searching for the Morning Star.”

“First Skuld, and now Sigrun...”

Senagel paused.

“According to Sigrun's last report, the Morning Star was destroyed by Gungnir.”

“How could that be? Gungnir vanished with the High God after Ragnarok...”

“Yes, I do not understand either.”

“How many people know that the Morning Star has been destroyed?”

“At this time, only the missing Sigrun, you and I know.”

“Then let us keep this between ourselves for now.”

“Understood. I will return to my duties...”

As Gabriel left, Senagel briefly surveyed the Heavenly Town sprawled across a valley below the Halls of Valhalla, then turned to head to the Altar of the High God.

‘May Odin's wisdom guide Asgard...’

Upon reaching the altar, Senagel heard a girl's voice humming a tune, and looked around to find Lutie busy cleaning the Altar.

“This girl...?”

Senagel hid behind a pillar to observe Lutie.

“She's different from that child...”

Child of Light
StoryImage 00400.png

『Down the abyss, deeper than the depths of Niflheim, dwelled the Netherworld: Eljudnir. Its ruler, Reaper Nazar, smiled in glee upon seeing the war between Heaven and Hell. With the Morning Star gone and Midgard engulfed in endless darkness, Nazar finally broke his peace and opened the gates to the Netherworld, flooding Midgard with Monsters and Dead.』

Convinced that Lutie wielded some special energy, Senagel waved her hand and knocked an earthen jar off the Altar.

“Oh no!” Lutie gasped.

The jar hovered in mid-air, and Lutie relaxed.

“Mom is going to scold me for using the power of the Morning Star so carelessly...”

“I have never seen you before.” Senagel emerged from behind the pillar and approached the Altar.

Shocked by Senagel's sudden appearance, Lutie wavered, and the jar fell to the ground, shattering into pieces.

“Oh! Please forgive me, Goddess.”

“It is fine. I must have surprised you.”

Seeing Lutie regain her calm, Senagel continued.

“I have never seen you at Odin's Altar, may I ask your name?”

“I... I'm Lutie.”

“Lutie... What a beautiful name.”

Hearing the Goddess' warm words, a smile crept onto Lutie's face.

It was thus that Senagel and Lutie first met. The Wheels of Destiny spun rapidly from then on.

The Plan
StoryImage 00500.png

"『As war erupted between the Heavens and Hell, the Asgardian Army marched into Niflheim, only to be stopped by the Fire Elementals. With the tides of war shifted, Vanaheimr - a part of the Heavens, was set ablaze. Vanaheimr was home to Magic wielding Aesirs, and this location was specifically targeted by jealous, mana-less Nifols. A resident of Vanaheimr, Lutie lost her parents when her town burned to the ground. After a short period of grieving, Lutie left her hometown with a steely determination to become a Valkyrie. With that power, she would be able to prevent tragedies like Vanaheimr from happening again.』

Senegal stepped into the laboratory, housed in the highest level of the Alchemic Tower. High Alchemist Tiji turned and bowed, as a sign of respect to Senagel.

“Goddess Senagel, we have completed our research on the Talisman.”

“Well done.” Senagel looked around, before steeling her eyes.

“We will execute our plan now.”

“But we have not yet found a suitable candidate...”

“I found a child tending to Odin's Altar, she wielded Special Energy.”

“Just a child! You're not thinking...”

“I felt the power of the Morning Star.” Senegal spoke, silencing the room.

“We will execute the plan with this child.”

“Goddess Senagel, but will it be alright?”

“I will take full responsibility. Anything for Asgard...”

“Then it is decided. I will make the necessary preparations.”

As Senagel left, Tiji gazed with sadness upon a mural in the lab.

“A survivor of Vanaheimr...”

A Proposition
StoryImage 00600.png

"『Guardians of the Light, the Valkyrie and their legendary feats in battle were instrumental in keeping the balance of power between the Heavens and Hell. However, with Skuld's death and Sigrun's disappearance, morale is now at an all time low.』

As the sun set on Asgard, Lutie returned to her room. She lit her oil lamp, bathing the room with a warm energy. Lutie opened up an old diary and began to write.

  • Knock knock*

Lutie closed the diary and reached for the door.

“Who is it?”

Senagel stood at the entrance, wearing a cloak.

“I am sorry to visit at such a late hour. May I come in?”

“Ah! Please come in, Goddess Senagel.”

Senagel entered Lutie‘s room and looked around.

“Such a nice cozy room. This fills me with nostalgia.” Senagel was silent for a moment, then spoke.

“Lutie, I came here today to ask for your help. We need your power.”

“I'm sorry, but I'm not strong enough to...”

“You misunderstand. We are not looking for physical strength, like that of the Valkyrie. Lutie, you have a unique power, the power of the Morning Star. Your power is different from the others of Vanaheimr.”


“Our war is not going well. Please understand, we are in a dire situation.”

Lutie thought for a moment. It would be good if she could help with the power of the Morning Star. But to be involved in the war... The memories of Vanaheimr made her heart ache."

The Decision
StoryImage 00700.png

『Yggdrasil is the world itself. Its titanic boughs used to stretch from Asgard to Niflheim, forming the World Tree. But that time has long passed, and now the branches of Yggdrasil are only accessible in Plitvice, the Kingdom of the Fairies. According to the Ancients, the branches of Yggdrasil eventually lead to the Kingdom of Gottenheim.』

Senagel and Tiji waited patiently in front of the Altar of the High God.

“Goddess Senagel... Will the child come?”

“She will.” Senagel answered with confidence.

A shadow appeared at the entrance. Lutie had arrived.

“Goddess Senagel, I am here.”

“Welcome. We have been waiting for you.”

Lutie smiled, and Senagel smiled in return.

“This must have been a hard decision for you. The heavens and I thank you.”

“It is my honor, Goddess Senagel!”

“Please understand that secrecy is paramount. The Nifols must not discover our plan. Take this Talisman. It is a bracelet made of Orichalcum, the Metal of the Gods.”

Lutie placed the Talisman on her wrist.

“This Talisman is capable of amplifying magic and should be a great help on your journey.”

“Thank you. I will return with the location of the Morning Star!”

“I bid you farewell, and I apologize for putting such a heavy burden on your shoulders.”

Senagel watched as Lutie left.

“May Odin watch over her...”

At long last, the Aesirs have taken the first step towards discovering the truth.

StoryImage 00800.png

『Liehart, President of Hell, had united the Nifols and blessed Niflheim with strong leadership and political stability. Prompted by the disappearance of the Morning Star, the Valkyrie Offensive had laid waste to much of Niflheim. But the Valkyrie were gone now, and Liehart's popular was now at an all time high.』

Liehart sat nervously in his Presidential Office, reading a letter.

“Imel... How could you...”

Liehart pressed a button on the desk.

“Yes, President Liehart?”

“Summon Laurence right now!”

“Yes sir!”

Laurence entered the Presidential Office.

“Captain Laurence of the Presidential Guard, reporting as ordered.”

“Ah... Laurence, how have you been?”

“I am well, thank you sir. But you don't look too well. Is there a problem, sir?”

“My daughter, Imel, is gone. She left this letter behind. Please find Imel and convince her to come back. If she declines, please keep her safe.”

“Yes, sir. I will see to it.”

“Becareful, there has been much turmoil, what with our war against the Aesirs.”

“Yes sir, I will move unseen.”

“I'm counting on you, Laurence. Why is my daughter so troublesome...”

“...” Laurence remained silent, as if he knew the answer.

The Crack
StoryImage 00900.png

『Odin, with his mastery of the Holy Runes and the Eighteen Incantation, has long been regarded as a Titan among the High Gods. Despite this, after Ragnarok - the Twilight of the Gods; none of the High Gods, Odin icluded, remained.』

Somewhere in Midgard, a mysterious group continued their discussion under a cloak of secrecy.

"The wheels of fate are beginning to turn"

"Now no one will be able to stop us."

""Everything is going as planned.""

One of the cloaked figures, who had until now been listening in silence, suddenly spoke out.

"Not quite everything. We might have some potential problems."

A hush befell the group, before another recovered and inquired.

"What do you mean? Was it not you who foresaw the future?"

"That I did, but that was just one path the Course of Destiny might flow in. There is chance that..."

"Yes, and that is why we are here - to seize that one path, that one opportunity. So tell us, what is the problem you see?"

"The Course of Destiny has split."

"Wait... How is that even possible?"

"I don't know."

Yet another spoke out to calm the group.

"We have discussed enough for today. Let us wait, and observe the Course of Destiny, before deciding on our next course of action."

With that, the group dispersed, except for one shadowy figure, who continued to murmur.

"The Course is swirling..."

The Meeting
StoryImage 01000.png

『Yggdrasil, the World Tree, is now only accessible in Plitvice. According to the Ancients, the roots of Yggdrasil reaches into depths unknown, where the Norns observe the Course of Destiny.』

"I think I'll stop here for today."

Lutie, who had been trekking through the Dark Forest, gazed up at the sky, thinking.

"I will find Morning Star and return home to Vanaheimr"

(rustling sounds emanate from a nearby bush)

Startled by the noise, Lutie recovered and slowly advanced, "Hello? Who's there?"

The rustling stopped, and for a moment there was only silence.



Lutie fell backwards, startled by the Jelly Penguin that came charging out of the shrubbery.

"Oh, its just a Jelly Penguin."

Jelly Penguins were usually calm and docile, but this one seemed to be unsually aggressive.

"It's alright. I won’t hurt you... Good boy..."

Lutie gingerly reached out to pet the Jelly Penguin, but it jerked forward and attacked belligerently.



A blade flashed out of nowhere, sending the Jelly Penguin running back into the shrubs.

"Hey! Are you okay?"

A clear voice called out, and its owner revealed itself as a girl came striding out of the darkness.

Princess of the Netherworld
StoryImage 01100.png

『When President Liehart united the Nifols, he acquired the sword Laevatein. According to the Ancients, Laevatein was forged with the Runes of the Netherworld - Eljudnir, and is capable of slaying the High Gods.』

The girl who came out of the darkness had silver hair. She approached and reached out to shake Lutie's hand.

"I’m Imel. What's your name?"

Lutie pushed Imel’s hand away and stepped back .

"Red eyes and black wings.. You're a Nifol!"

"You’re welcome. I guess its true, all Aesirs are rude."

Imel frowned on Lutie's behavior.

"We are at war against you!"

"Says the girl who can't even fend off a Jelly Penguin"

"Jelly Penguins are benign creatures, they do not usually attack people!"

"You should know by now that the world has changed after eternal darkness arrived."

An awkward silence prevailed, before Lutie retorted.

"That's because you Nifols stole the Morning Star!"

"No we didn't!"

As the two argue, a light shone out, and the darkness retreated, revealing the surrounding landscape.

"What’s happening? The darkness is receding!"

"That is impossible without Morning Star... What is that?!"

The two girls were stunned speechless as Yggdrasil sprouted from the darkness.

"The World Tree..."

StoryImage 01200.png

『Plitvice - The Kingdom of Fairies, had been united by Queen Titania and had remained neutral in the war between Heaven and Hell. However, with the onset of eternal darkness, Yggdrasil had been slowly losing its life energy, and the land became filled with Monsters and the Dead. Despite the Faries' best efforts to combat the spread of darkness, the situation has been steadily declining. At long last, the Plitvice Parliament finally authorized the deployment of the Magical Barrier Dome, despite the Queen's objections...』

Upon witnessing the spectacular rise of the World Tree, Lutie and Imel joyously hugged each other, before abruptly and awkwardly withdrawing from their embrace.

"D..Don’t get the wrong idea! I just got too excited!"

"I... I don’t like you Nifols!"

"I don’t like you rude Aesirs either!"

Ignoring Imel, Lutie walked towards the shining World Tree.

"You girls sure are noisy..."

At the same time, Goddess Senagel at the altar of the High Gods. Tiji worriedly glanced at the shining object on the altar.

"I think you need to rest."

How long... Will it last?"

"I'm not sure, probably a month."

Senagel sighed and stood up.

"No, I can't stop yet... We need to charge morre power."


Senagel held Tiji's hand, and smiled weakly.

"I do this for Asgard..."


StoryImage 01300.png

『After deploying the Magical Barrier Dome, the Fairy Empire of Plitvice was now safe from the Monsters and the Dead. At the same time, this has cut off and isolated Plitvice from the rest of the Worlds.』

Lutie strode quickly towards Yggdrasil, with Imel following closely behind.

"Hey~ Don't you think we should approach cautiously?"

"Aesirs and Nifols don't get along. Why are you following me so closely?"

Lutie’s cold voice echoes through the silent forest.

"Hahaha.. My mission concerns the World Tree too."

An awkward silence fills the air once again. Imel smiles at Lutie.

"Aren’t you going to tell me your name?"

Lutie sighed and mumbled quietly.


"Lutie? That’s a cute name!"


Imel’s cheerful face turned serious.

"Lutie, watch out!"

Imel pushed Lutie aside, and an arrow narrowly missed, hitting the ground nearby.

"Ah... What is with my luck today, why is everyone attacking me?"

"It seems that the people of this forest do not welcome us."

Scanning the treeline for danger, Imel quietly unsheathed the Demonic Sword Laevatein.

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