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01. Feedback Rating Prompt Implemented Edit

  • Now, you can provide Feedback to improve the Game when you tap on 1~3 star at Rating Pop Up Panel!

02. Push Notification Implemented Edit

  • Push Notification Implemented in game.

03. Facebook Icon Implemented Edit

  • Tap Facebook icon (located at right side of Home Screen) to access Lutie RPG Clicker official Facebook.

04. Lutie Journey Event Shop Edit

  • Start Date/Time: Monday, 26 Mar 2018 (server up)
  • End Date/Time: Thursday, 26 Apr 2018 (22:59 GMT+8)
  • Access "Event" icon to access Event Shop (located at left side of Home Screen)
Eventcurrency 01
  • Use Event Coin to purchase items in Event shop!
  • Event coins can be earned by defeating Stage Boss!


  • Earn Event Coins by defeating Stage Boss!
  • You will receive 1x Event Coin after you defeat a stage boss

05. Added Custom Country Flags in Profile Edit

  • Tap on the GLOBAL button in your Profile
  • To select a Custom Country Flag
  • Your Flag & Profile will be displayed on the Leaderboards!

06. Added Currency Selector in Skills Panel Edit

  • Currency Selector added to the Skills Panel

07. Improved Daily Login Rewards Display Edit

  • Rookie & Daily Login Rewards now display prizes more prominently!

08. Game Rating Prompt Edit

  • Game rating will popup after first rebirth.

09. New Seal Icon Added Edit

  • Access Seal Inventory by tapping on "Test Tube" icon in Guardian's Panel

10. New Episodes Added! Edit

  • New episodes have been added! Check it out at "Content" > "Lutie's Story"!!

11. Items Purchased Sent To Mailbox Edit

  • All items purchased through shop will be sent to mailbox.

12. New Raid Season - Spirit of Winter! Edit

  • Equip and view your Guardian Seal inventory on the Guardian Page
  • Tap on the Pink Cube to upgrade equipped Seals!
  • Use Void Fragments to upgrade Guardian Seals!
  • Obtain Void Fragments by selling Guardian Seals!

13. New Costume - Raid Season 19 Costume Edit

  • Season 19 Raid Costume now available in the Raid Store for 2000 Emeralds!

14. New Costume - X-Mas Emily Edit

  • Warp Stage Background 'X-Mas Illenoa' has been added to Raid Season 19

15. New Feature - Arcane Awakening Gauge Edit

  • Arcane Spirits of the Dark Expeditions allow you to charge the Awakening Gauge!
  • Secret Garden: 5% chance to charge Awakening
  • Silent Hill: 15% chance to charge Awakening
  • Labyrinth of Time: 40% chance to charge Awakening
  • Forgotten Kingdom: 100% chance to charge Awakening
  • Lonely Snowy Field: 100% chance to charge Awakening
  • Raid Store: Charge Awakening using 400 Emeralds (up to 5x each Season)!
  • Use the Awakening Gauge to Recall a Guardian!

16. New Feature - Arcane Guardian Equipment Edit

  • Guardian Coin: Increases All Guardian Damage
  • Soul Stone: Increases Guardian & TAP Damage
  • Mana Transformation: Increases TAP Damage as a % of DPS!
  • Guardian Silver Ring: Increases Guardian Damage
  • Guardian Gold Ring: Increases Guardian Damage
  • Guardian Coin: Increases Guardian Damage

17. Tweak - Increased Guardian Soul Drop Rate Edit

  • Guardian Souls drop from Guardian Bosses!
  • The drop rate has been doubled!
  • Tiji's Alchemy Atelier has been added to the Content Menu!

18. New Feature - Alchemy Atelier Edit

  • Tiji's Alchemy Atelier has been added to the Content Menu!
  • Produce one of the following Guardian Seals at the Alchemy Atelier:
  • Lutie's Scepter Seal: Increases TAP Damage!
  • Mana Transformation Seal: Increases TAP Damage by a % of DPS!
  • Guardian Ring Seal: Increases Guardian Damage (% increment)!
  • Mana Amplifier Seal: Increases Guardian Damage (fixed increment)!
  • Guardian Coin Seal: Increases all Guardian Damage (% increment)!
  • Soul Stone Seal: Increases Guardian & TAP Damage!
  • Lucky Necklace Seal: Increases ManaStone Drop Level!
  • Briefcase Seal: Increases Gold Storage Capacity!
  • Item Appraisal Seal: Increases Mimic Drop Rate!

19. New Feature - Equip Guardian Seal Edit

  • Equip and view your Guardian Seal inventory on the Guardian Page
  • Tap on the Pink Cube to upgrade equipped Seals!
  • Use Void Fragments to upgrade Guardian Seals!
  • Obtain Void Fragments by selling Guardian Seals!

20. New Feature - Seal Material Drops Edit

  • Chance to obtain Guardian Souls when defeating a Guardian Boss!
  • Sell Guardian Seals to obtain Void Fragments!

21. New Story Content Edit

  • Story Chapter 14 has been added. We now have 1400 Stages!
  • Chapter 14 will be added to iOS in the 1.6.5 update!

22. Ranking UI Tweaks Edit

  • Ranking Button is now Orange (previously Yellow)
  • Ranking Record UI Design has been improved
  • Slide Guide Icon has been added

22. Tutorial Skip Feature Edit

  • Skip Tutorial button has been added (Top Right)

23. New Tutorials Edit

New Tutorials have been added!

  • Feature Tutorial: Morning Star
  • Feature: Holy Relics
  • Feature: Resurrection
  • Feature: Servant
  • Menu: Mission
  • Menu: Expedition
  • Menu: Content
  • Menu: Story
  • Menu: Guardian Raid
  • Menu: Servant Raid
  • Menu: Mini-Game
  • Special Tutorial: Nazar

24. New Inventory Items Edit

  • Refill 50,000 Gold with 100 Bags!

25. Improved ManaStone Lock Edit

  • Legendary ManaStone is automatically locked on acquisition
  • ManaStones are automatically locked when equipped

26. Improved Awakening Gauge Edit

  • You can now use the Awaken Gauge to Awaken existing Guardians!

000. Minor Game Tweaks & Bug Fixes Edit

  • Indonesian Bahasa localization updated
  • Shop Korean Won currency icon bug is fixed
  • Unable to use items from "Shop" tab bug is fixed
  • Unable to use Ruby to purchase items from "Shop" tab bug is fixed
  • Expedition Normal Grade Icon missing bug is fixed
  • English localization updated.
  • Unity Splash Screen is removed.
  • Zendesk Badge Bug is fixed.
  • Receive rewards after watching video ads bug is fixed
  • Unity Splash Screen is removed
  • Aspect Ratio optimized for tablets
  • Fixed Monthly Subscription Button
  • Fixed Mini Game User Interface
  • Fixed Text Display Problems

Legendary ManaStones automatically lock when equipped on a Guardian!

  • Monster's name & HP overlapped bug is fixed.
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