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01. New background added to promoted Guardians[edit | edit source]

Lutie has been updated promoted Guardians background in Album!

  • Step 1: Open Library Menu
  • Step 2: Tap Guardian Album
  • Step 3: Tap Guardian Tab
  • Step 4: Tap on Promoted Guardian
  • Step 5: Promoted Guardian will show up with new background

02. Mini game Shining Star Bomb image update[edit | edit source]

  • Will you be able to avoid the new bombs which Lutie has created?

03. Minor Bug Fixes & Balance Changes[edit | edit source]

Mini Game scrore Adjustment :

  • Gemstone Mine: Gemstone Mine score increased by 10x
  • Gemstone Catch: Gemstone Catch score increased by 2x
  • Desert Runner: Desert Runner score increased by 2x
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